Great Smoky Mountains Hiking: Beautiful Backcountry

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My wife’s cell phone was showing rain on the way into the mountains. We didn’t know what to really expect. The forecast said 10-20% chance of precipitation.

When we got to Bryson city, there was no rain in sight. We wondered if we would have time to get to the campsite which was exactly 3 miles from the parking lot to be able to set up before the rains came. To our surprise, there was no rain. However, the hike in was pretty strenuous. We hiked into the great Smoky Mountains to campsite 74.

The area was under a watch because of increased their activity. When we reach the parking lot and we were setting up all of our gear an older gentleman walked up and asked if we were going to brave it into the wilderness. He made it sound like there were bears everywhere. He said the good one that was aggressive was already caught and dealt with.

Of course this made my wife a bit concerned. She was scared to death actually. She looked at me and said I don’t know that this was a good idea.

I made my best effort to calm her down. We didn’t set off on the trail to campsite 74. As I was saying, the hiking was pretty rough. It had been a while since neither one of us had worked out. Especially my wife. The 1st mile made her pretty dizzy and sick. She rested a bit and was ready to go the rest of the course. Later that day she was able to swim in her favorite spot in the local Creek. She said that made it worth the hike. We absolutely love it at the campsite 74. It is simply gorgeous, and there’s just enough people that show up that makes you feel a little bit safer without too many people if you know what I mean.

I highly recommend it this time of year (May-August). We did see a few ticks the last day we were there. But in general the temperatures at night were very tolerable and cool, and the bugs weren’t too bad.

I recommend that you always take a head net if you have contacts. A bug in the eye on the trail can be a pretty big pain in the but and slow you down. Make sure you take enough water with you on your hike. You will need it. The hike in seems to have less of an incline, but by the time you hike out (as we were) you will be ready for the added incline.

Other than that the only wildlife we saw was a deer.