The Positive Effects of Negative Ions


Negative ions:

I love to travel and when I get a chance to go I look for a few things because I know it’ll make the trip that much more fun for me. Now you might laugh but one of the things that I look for is actually breaking water. Yeah I said breaking water.

Sounds strange right?

But breaking water is actually important because it produces negative ions. Now if you don’t know what negative ions are I’ll explain. However, if you do you can just get down past this section.
Negative ions show up when there is breaking of water molecules.

I have read that about a third of the population is sensitive to negative ions this in fact so sensitive that they have hey reaction that is equivalent to taking a Xanax.

In Japan they have bled quite a bit of research on negative ions and their effects on humans and other animals alike.

For example I investigated one study where Japanese scientists injected cancer cells into a rat. Make that two rats. One was treated daily with negative ions and the other was left to the whims of chance.

The one that was treated with negative ions lived a full life and died of old age whereas the other died because of the cancer.

Most people have never even really heard of negative ions. When they hear negative ions they think that is probably a bad thing because of the word negative. However, I would like in it to having a negative biopsy. Negative is always better in that world than positive.

So my wife and I like to go to places where there are waterfalls or waves or creeks and streams you name it anything that offers up some negative ions for us.

We have noticed that we always go into like a chill zone.

On one particular trip we were surrounded by rushing water. We were sleeping in a tent and then that night it began to storm profusely. One of the things we both noticed was that it didn’t matter how hard it rained neither one of us could wake up. It was crazy!

As a matter of fact it rained so bad that water got into our tent and ran down the side of the hill that we were sleeping on. Even with our arms and legs getting wet, it wasn’t enough for us to wake up.

The next day we both woke up refreshed and really renewed. We thought it was because of the sound of the water and rain so we bought a tape of the Niagara Falls sound. However, we determined it had nothing to do the sound. It definitely was the negative ions.

We actually even looked around for machines that produce negative ions. They are a bit hard to come by and the ones that are in existence seem pretty rudimentary.

However, anything for us to get back to the negative ions.

We found a company in the US that makes them but then it took quite a while to actually receive the products we ordered.

While they are great, we are not positive on how we are supposed to clean the dust off of the emitter and care for the unit so that it keeps producing month after month.

We found another company in Japan that produces ion admissions products and thought about giving them a try.

If we head to the beach we always try to find a hotel that is directly on the beach that has sliding glass doors. We like to open the doors and sleep there with the doors open for the night.

If you’ve never tried it, I highly recommend that you give it a whirl.