About Me

In search for Green Meadows and Grassy Waters, Mountains and More

My name is Maroc (the “o” is silent..pronounced like Marc) I know…don’t ask. For years, I have traversed different areas of wilderness and nature. From Moss Park to the Panama Canal, we have seen different parts of nature that have absolutely fascinated us. Like you, (well possibly) I love the outdoors. This site is dedicated to hiking and camping and enjoying God’s green earth that he gave to us.

I hope that you will find the tips, tricks and other information on this site informative and helpful. I intend to cover camping and hiking spots all over the south east of the United States. I might throw in some information about some more exotic destinations as well like Playa Copal, Costa Rica.

Check back with me from time to time to learn more.

Some of the tips and tricks I hope to include relate to remote hiking (back-country hiking) and camping. There is so much that can be seen once you get off the grid. However, knowing where you are going and what to expect is imperative.

You will need to know things like “where you can get water without being eaten by a croc.” These are the types of things I intend to include to help our fellow world explorer and outdoors die hard.

Thanks for visiting my site. If you need to reach me for any reason you can contact me using this link.